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Dr Julie Conradie

I was born in Hermanus on the 3rd of March and grew up in Worcester.

I completed my Studies in Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch and my intern ship was done at the Tygerberg Hospital.

From 1985 up till 1992 my husband and I worked in a rural hospital called  Emmaus, which lies about 20km west of Winterton on the road to Cathedrals Peak Hotel.

These years were packed with adventure, hiking in the Drakenberg, doing hundreds of caesarian sections, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery and also eye operations.

In those years, the technique of a cataract operation  was to make a big incision in the cornea and freeze the lens and remove it.  Patients had to wear thick, +10.00 glasses after the operation due to the fact that the intra-ocular lenses were not widely available at that time.

From 1990 until 1995 I worked as a general practitioner in the town of Winterton, as well as the district surgeon of the Escourt magistrate.  I missed the exciting surgery that we were able to perform at Emmaus Hospital.

Then my husband and I did a 3-year MFAM MED (to be better qualified general practitioner) at the University of Orange Free State (making a trip yearly from Winterton to Bloemfontein)

In 1996, I received a post as medical officer in Ophthalmology at Bloemfontein Hospital. I Qualified as an Ophthalmologist in 2000

My husband and I moved to Potchefstroom in December 2000 and we are still working in our private practices since.

If I had to choose again, I will definitely choose ophthalmology again.  The eye is certainly the most beautiful part of the human body.


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